Lloyd Warehouse

Private House - Hackney

This project involved selective architectural interventions within a converted former print works in London Fields, Hackney.

The project was an exercise in knowing when to alter and when to leave alone. The clients had been living in the building for some time and as such had established certain living spaces successfully. These we didn’t touch.

The primary architectural intervention was to create a new staircase, from Douglas Fir plywood, which weaves through the centre of the building. Moving the staircase to this new location unlocked the space enabling a much more efficient and successful layout throughout the building. The staircase culminates in a new garden room at roof level. This space is conceived as a continuation of the staircase. As such, it is lined entirely in matching plywood. This room is then wrapped externally with zinc, for weatherproofing. The zinc is a contextual reference to the galvanised metalwork on the raised railway alongside.